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Let your customers personalize their own products, 3D printed on-demand right in your store.

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PieceMaker is officially launching in several Pittsburgh-area stores this Fall! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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How It Works

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The Original Factory-In-A-Store

The Factory in a Store is the first and only Custom Inventory-On-Demand solution for retail. Let your customers personalize their own products using a simple and engaging touchscreen kiosk, and then watch as they are 3D printed right in the store. This highly unique, memorable and educational shopping experience leaves your customers with a one-of-a-kind product and story worth sharing.

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Customizing The Piece

Shoppers use the intuitive touch-screen PieceMaker kiosk to create their one-of-a-kind piece.

First shoppers browse the digital product gallery and choose a gift, toy, jewelry or other piece they want to customize. Then they choose the color, add their name, date, or other personalized details at the kiosk before sending the item to print.

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In Store 3D Printing

Watch the excitement on your customer’s face as they watch their one-of-a-kind piece being printed from our 3D printer. Your employees manage the printstation with minimal intervention required to print and retrieve the 3D printed pieces. For a low monthly subscription, we provide the hardware and software for 3D printing, with plastic filament being the only material needed to print toys on demand.

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Use Your Existing Payment Systems

PieceMaker allows you to complete the transaction with your customers through your existing point of sale system. You set the price for pieces and begin generating a new stream of revenue for your toy store immediately.

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Analyze and Learn

After your customers have left happy, track the experience from end to end and measure the performance of PieceMaker in your store. Monitor purchases, expenses, ROI, and many other data points showing the PieceMaker revenue and profits being made in your store. Use your learning to understand store-specific trends, which items to feature and profitability.

Put a Factory in Your Store


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Data Points


direct increase to store's profits after installing a Factory in a Store™ kiosk

average minutes to print a toy


most profitable product per square foot during pilot launch month

square footage of the kiosk


conversion rate for customers who make a purchase after using the Factory in a Store™ kiosk

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PieceMaker is officially launching in several Pittsburgh-area stores this Fall! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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Meet the PieceMaker Team!

PieceMaker Technologies is a Pittsburgh, PA based company which empowers retail stores to create customized inventory, on-demand. CNBC named their customizable products “Top trending of 2014”. The Factory in a Store is a proprietary system which lets consumers design their own products using a simple and engaging touchscreen kiosk, and then watch them made right in the store with custom manufacturing technology. The PieceMaker team is led by Carnegie Mellon graduates Arden Rosenblatt and Alejandro Sklar. PieceMaker offers exciting and challenging internship opportunities and full time positions.

Arden Rosenblatt

CEO & Co-Founder

Email Arden for Business Opportunities.

Alejandro Sklar

CTO & Co-Founder

Email Alejandro for Technical Questions & Support.

Director of Software

Herb Gilliland

Director of Marketing and Merchandising

Pamela Israel

Content Developer

Drew Lipold

Hardware Lead

James Yang

Content and Community Manager

Todd Smith

Software Developer

Bradley Mackenzie

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DAVE MAWHINNEY – Executive Director, Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business – Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship

DON MORRISON – Chairman of Deal Flow, BlueTree Allied Angels

TIM ZAK – Director, Carnegie Mellon Institute for Social Innovation

MIKE FORMICA – President & Founder, threeRivers 3D

ERIC SILVER – CEO & Founder, WebKite

DAVID PALMER – Co-Founder, Bossa Nova Robotics

ILANA DIAMOND – Managing Director, AlphaLab Gear

JOSH MCELHATTAN – Founder & Managing Director, Startbot

KATHARINE NEEDHAM – Senior Business Advisor, Carnegie Mellon University Project Olympus

JIM BERARDONE – Executive-in-Residence, Carnegie Mellon University – Engineering & Technology Innovation Management

JAMES GROSVENOR – CEO and Owner, Balanced Business Advisors

STEVE BROOKSTEIN – Chairman of Entrepreneurship, Fashion Institute of Technology (NY)

JOHN SANTALONE – Managing Partner, Levin Santalone LLP

STEVE ROSENBLATT – Retired Business Development Executive, IBM


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